Online subtitle converter


Online subtitle converter

Here you can find some useful possibilities to change your not-exactly-proper subtitle. You can make conversions between the formats, divide and merge subtitles, expand or narrow if the rate does not match the film and simply shift the subtitles when the differences are the same in case of each item. Some information for each tool: you can select any file format, srt or sub, the application will resolve and handle it properly. File names containing blanks will be converted, blanks will be replaced by undeline characters ('_') for the resent files. And also you have possibility to remove the existing HTML tags from your subtitle like <b> or <i>. All remarks, bug reports or questions are welcome just send an email

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srt2sub - sub2srt

This tool will convert your srt format subtitle file to sub format and vice versa. You can select either an srt or a sub file it will be automatically resolved an converted to the other format. Please, check the transfer rate (fps).

 Select file rate/fps    removeHTMLtag

merge 2CD - 1CD

With this tool you can merge 2 CD version subtitles. You need simply add the time. Open the CD2 sub file, find the first line and deduct the time it appears - this will give you the start point of CD2 and the end point of CD1. Note: the fps value is necessary only for sub file.

 File1 rate/fps    hour  min  sec, removeHTMLtag 
 File2 other 

divide 1CD - 2CD

This tool can help you if you have a good film in two part but the subtitle is in one. Just select the full long subtitle and give the exact time where to divide into two parts. It is advisable to specify the exact length of the first part. Note: the fps value is necessary only for sub file.

 Select file  rate/fps   hour  min  sec removeHTMLtag

expand and narrow

I think this is the most often realized problem, when the subtitles are getting misplaced while you're approaching the end of the film. This tool will solve it either the subtitle appears later or earlier then expected. You need to give the present and the desired time of the the last item. Please, be sure that the last item you give is not like an author comment but a real subtitle.One remark: if the time of the last item can not be determined, e.g: it would appear after the film is over, you can give the present and desired time of the latest visible subtitle. Note: if you specify both fps and time data the conversion will be done by the fps.

 Select file old fps   hour  min  sec,  =present removeHTMLtag 
new fps   hour  min  sec,  =desired


Use this tool if the subtitles appear some time earlier or later according to the speak and the differences are the same at every part in the film. You need simply add the time i.e: how many minutes and seconds the subtitles are to be shifted and the directions: back or forward. Note: the fps value is necessary only for sub file.

 Select file  rate/fps    hour  min  sec, removeHTMLtag

2 in 1

In case you need to do the previous two operation at the same time, here is the 2 in 1 version. Please, select the proper value for the present time of the first and the last subtitle and also the desired values for both. ( as described above ) Note: the fps value is necessary only for sub file.

First item Last item
 Select file rate/fps hour min sec,  =present hour min sec,  =present removeHTMLtag 
other hour min sec,  =desired hour min sec,  =desired

time check

Here you can check the overlaps in your subtitles and which are the too shortly displayed. After check you receive a file including the overlapped items. All items with shorter than 0.5 seconds appearence will also be listed.

 Select file    

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